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Eye Test Sarasota

Eye doctor in Sarasota

Eye test Sarasota

Eye test Sarasota

There is absolutely nothing wrong with a vision screening. In fact, it’s necessary and useful, and a part of a complete eye exam that you’ll get there at Optical Outlets. However, we offer more than that. Our eye test Sarasota includes being checked for the most common eye diseases, so that you can maintain an optimal level of ocular health.

Do you currently wear corrective lenses? Well, if your prescription is a year old or more, then it’s time to come in and have our eye test Sarasota. Your vision needs change, and what was ideal for you when you got it might not be so now. Likewise, if you’ve never worn eyeglasses or contacts in your life, perhaps there has been sufficient loss of vision excellence for you to notice a difference from a prescription. In other words, there is no reason to settle for adequate vision when there is room for improvement. That’s why you should have our eye test Sarasota annually. And where ours extends past a vision screening is in testing for eye diseases like glaucoma and cataracts, both of which are applicable to anyone at any age, and regardless of your medical history and heredity. Macular degeneration is tested for from age 40 on, and diabetic retinopathy is a concern if you have type 1 or type 2 diabetes. You might be thinking that you can just wait until there are symptoms before you need to take action. The problem with that strategy is that the eye conditions listed are free of obvious signs until they reach an advanced stage, at which you may have already suffered eye damage or vision loss that cannot be recovered.

Schedule a visit to come in today for a complete eye test Sarasota. Your eyes and your vision are worth it.

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