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Summer isn’t the only season when sunglasses are useful, but it’s definitely true that people spend even more time outdoors and in direct sunlight during those months. No matter what time of the year, at Optical Outlets, we’re your source for the very best in protective sunwear for your eyes.

Sarasota Optometry

The most important reason for wearing sunglasses is to protect yourself from the dangerous UV sun rays. Just as you keep your skin form harm by wearing sunscreen, so too do you want to provide similar assistance for your eyes. There are both UVA and UVB rays, and every pair of sunglasses we carry here at our Sarasota optometry store block out 100% of both. You can feel confident when you get our designer sunglasses. And we also know that enjoying the way you look when you’re sporting a pair of shades is a big part of the appeal. You will find many well known brand names among our collection. And just a few are Nike Vision, Saks Fifth Avenue, Bongo, Kensie, Banana Republic, and Ecko.

That is just a sample. You will be able to experience outstanding comfort, too. We have choices to suit any taste, skin tone, face shape, and budget. Or if you have something special in mind, just ask. We’re happy to help you get exactly what you want. We can even add your current eyeglass prescription into your new sunglasses. And once the summer is over, you can still get so much out of them. The sun may not be out for as long each day, but its rays are still having an effect on you. Also, if you like to head out for winter destinations, take your protective sunwear with you. Snow and ice reflect glare to a high degree, and that’s why sunglasses are so vital for everything from skating to skiing to snowboarding.

Come on in and let us help you to find the ideal sunglasses for you. If you need an eye exam, be sure to call our Sarasota optometry store to schedule one in advance.


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